Past Life Regression Therapy

Do you know many of your failures in your life are due to your past life deeds?

·        Do you often see some flashes of places which you have never visited in your life, but give a strong feeling of connection?

·        Do you have an urge to know your life purpose?

·        Do you often wanted to know the reason of a special bond or attraction with a particular person?

·        Do you have a painful memory, trauma or any phobia?

·        Do you have any physical disease which is not getting cured by various treatment methods?

·        Do you often see a dream repetitively?

·        Do you want to know who you were in your last birth?


To understand the real cause and to solve them, adopt this wonderful healing at Enliven Group.



Why Past Life Regression, Heals our Physiological & Psychological problems:-

·         After our Death, we have only our Soul

·         Soul is a form of Energy

·         Every form of Energy has got Vibration & Frequency

·         This Vibration and Frequency carries Information

·         Information that is carried consist of our :-

Metal Limitations & Learning’s,

Emotional traumas as well as Euphoria’s,

Guilt, Anger & Pain,

Feelings – both negative & positive,

Unfulfilled desires etc. etc.

Once we become aware of the effect that is causing problems in our present life, we Relive it and Relieve it, we become free of its effect – that is causing the problem in present and move forward to learn a new lesson of life.

Through Past Life Regression Therapy & Spirit Releasement Therapy, we attempt to Detox Negative Memories & Energies from Sub Conscious Mind and Individual Soul

BENEFITS through PLR:-

·         Find the key to lasting happiness in truth, forgiveness and love

·         Eliminate limiting ideas and false beliefs

·         Set yourself free of conflict

·         Release the unlimited power within yourself

·         Regain mastery at being your true self

·         Experience healthy, loving relationships

·         Find success in your career

·         Achieve all these and more through gaining awareness and effecting positive change in your life

• Allow spiritual healing in your life and your Relationships
Q: What is meant by “past life regression?”

·         Go back or return

·         Relive and relieve

·         Understand the Cause of conflicts

·         Deprogram yourself

·         Forgive & Forget

·         Present is your modified Past and

·         Future will be your modified Present

Q: Why is it necessary for us to reincarnate life after life?

·         Planet Earth is a school and we are here to Learn

·         What you see a World in just 3 to 4 dimensions

·         As your body, mind and spirit matures you learn beyond 4 dimensions

·         By learning our lessons we graduate to the higher level of masters and guide others

·         One Lifetime is not enough to learn all lessons, their fore we return back to Reincarnate

·         What we know is little, and what we don’t know is immense

·         Indians need No Proof of Incarnation, but for Western world, No Proof was enough

Q: What happens to us at the end of an incarnation?

·         Your Life force leaves your Physical Body and enters a new world – though not visible to ordinary sight.

·         It’s Like a Holiday from a school after a Semester of the Study period, resting, refreshment and holiday period.

·         Next comes a period when the soul is gently and gradually led to a deeper understanding of the mystery of its own being

·         It begins to reassess its progress in the unfoldment of its divine attributes and powers

·         Also at this time, the soul is presented with a panoramic picture of its many incarnations on earth.

·         Souls REPORT CARD

·         Gradually it begins to grasp a vision of those spiritual gifts which–when developed–will enable it to contribute to the development of the Whole.

·         At this time the soul may also realize that only further learning through a physical body can develop these necessary gifts; thus, it senses the need to reincarnate one more time.

Q: How much “time” do we spend between incarnations?

·         No specific rules seem to govern this period. Sometimes the soul

·         will spend considerable time resting in the heavenly world. This

·         could be for hundreds of years or a century or less.

·         It is known that in certain circumstances a child will come back almost immediately–often to the same family.

·         In short, no specific rules seem to govern time between incarnations.

·         One thing does seem certain, however. The spiritual evolution of various races is speeded up with the re-entrance of more evolved souls eager to help others rise from darkness and suffering.

·         All of us have a Spirit Guide, who guide us in learning Lessons that we are supposed to learn.

Q: What positive results can I expect from past life regression?”

·         As one might suspect, a great many of our physical and mental problems are brought into this present life from our past ones.

·         Chronic pain such as headaches, and arthritis, as well as cancer, heart conditions, asthma, ulcers, sexual dysfunction, depression, extreme anger and fears such as claustrophobia, anxiety, panic, and other physical, mental and emotional ailments as well as mal adjustive relationships can be the result of problems unresolved in earlier lifetimes.

·         Through the use of past life regression, the patient is presented with answers unavailable to him or her through any other means.

·         Once he or she understands the cause of these difficulties, their cure becomes realizable.

·         Past life regression, conducted through hypnosis, permits us to peer, as it were, into multiple layers of former lives which have gone to shape our present existence.

Q: Will I meet my friends and loved ones in future lives? Have I known them in earlier ones?

·         According to those teachers who possess knowledge of spiritual laws, we journey in groups. We reincarnate with those to whom we are bound through love — or hate.

·         Sometimes it is necessary for us to learn the lesson of the Golden Rule by meeting in this life those whom, we have injured or treated unjustly in former lives.

·         We may also find ourselves in a series of alternating relationships–as master and servant, parent and child, or husband and wife.

·         All these experiences help us to understand how an individual feels in various situations and to learn how we would like to be treated in these circumstances.

Q: Why are we born under certain conditions or with certain characteristics?

·         The lesson we must learn or experiences we are required to fulfil are in accord with the law of cause and effect known in Eastern philosophy as karma, or in Western physics as the Newtonian Law of Action and Reaction.

·         This universal law works in concert with reincarnation by ensuring that we are born in the proper time and place to either pay our debts or receive our rewards due us from past lives.

·         We are born with various talents and skills which may need almost no training to elevate themselves into superior attributes. This does not happen by accident. These gifts are the result of hard work and perseverance in previous lives.

·         In the cycle of reincarnation, nothing is forgotten. On the other hand, we may be born with a disability or with certain limitations which compel us to develop capacities which we may find not altogether to our liking.

·         For, as we have already said, life is a schooling ground. We reincarnate into the classroom of earthly existence with a certain curriculum of instruction.

·         Those subjects, which we have mastered earlier come easily; those we have failed will have to be repeated until they are mastered.

Q: Why can’t we recall our past lives?

·         When your realize how difficult it is for us to recall the events of our childhood, not to speak of events occurring only a few years back, you can readily appreciate the difficulties imposed on a physical brain to remember happenings of a century ago–or several centuries ago.

·         However, as one proceeds along the path of unfoldment, like through hypnosis, guided imagery and other forms of meditation, the conscious mind becomes more and more sensitive to the vibrations of these past experiences.

·         These vibrations create images in the mind of scenes from one’s past. Gradually, the memories of past lives become more vivid.

Q: What is the purpose of our having to return to this earth plane again and again?

·         Only in this way can we evolve spiritually. Through such evolution all negative vibrations are eventually absorbed into the positive good.

·         This means reaching the great White Light as stated in the Eastern esoteric teachings. God said, “Let there be Light: And there was Light.”

·         All creation has come from the Light. And these teachings are based on the understanding that from that Light we have come and to that Light we return.

·         It is a lesson our souls must learn, and thereby acquire wisdom, love and strength.

·         At the end of this journey, they truly become a child of God.